Q1. Why is Jed-i Explore important for my child? We nurture curiosity, imagination, patience, and perseverance, working in teams, adaptability.

Q2. How is Jed-i Explore different from any other coaching center or tution or Olympiad coaching? We are not coaching. We do not emphasize in learning for the sake of marks or grades. We teach and mentor your child in the joy of exploring while learning.

Q3. Will Jed-i Explore duplicate my child’s school curriculum? No. We do not duplicate the child’s curriculum. We just cover topics in Mathematics that are required to help them in their Problem solving and Critical thinking classes.

Q4. Will Jed-i Explore help my child with his Olympiad and IIT? We do not coach kids for Olympiads and IIT. Having said that, the strategies for various types of problems are looked at in Explore classes. And this will definitely help them in their Olympiads and IIT.

Q5. What is the method of teaching at Jed-i Explore? At Explore, we encourage kids to solve challenging problems in teams. It is not the regular teaching in lecture mode. Instead we give emphasis to understanding concepts and lots of emphasis is given to solving problems on their own.

Q6. What is the duration of this entire program? The program consists of 3 modules. And the duration is one year. During holidays, we will hold fast track batches so that students can complete a module in a shorter duration.

Q7. Does my child get to build anything in the Explore class? The 3rd module ‘Basics of building a pet robot’ involves children to build a robotic pet using an Arduino board, sensors, motors etc.

Q8. How Explore is different from school or coaching classes?

Q9. How many times in a week will my child come to Explore classes? The contact session per week is one. Each session lasts for three hours.

Q10. What is the right age for Jed-i Explore? Any high school child who is bright and has the passion towards Mathematics and Problem solving can join. However, we suggest that the child is in 7th or 8th or 9th as they might have learnt some basic concepts of math that will help them appreciate the program better.

Q11. How much does Jed-i Explore cost? Please contact the Jed-i Explore center to receive valuable information regarding Jed-i Explore including the fees. You can reach us @ +91 96867 00188 or send an email to explore@jed-i.in to fix an appointment.


We appeared in The Hindu and The Economic Times!

The first and second batch have started!

Why Jed-i?

Jed-i Explore is a high quality program for bright high school students who are looking for a challenging environment. This is a program like no other in India and is run by reputed academics.

Jed-i Explore is a place to inculcate adventure and wonderment which will inspire and provide confidence to the children.

Unlike traditional coaching, the program is conducted away from the gaze of syllabus, marks, and exams so that true learning happens.

The next batch starts shortly. Want to know more?

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We welcome any student who is above 13 years - typically high school - with a passion for learning new things.

Students spend three hours a week with us. The program will be a year long. They will be exposed to


Children learn more easily in groups. They learn better by exploring. They like being challenged. And they will engage with anything that is interesting.

We have created just the right environment for your child to feel safe to fearlessly explore. So that they can find their curiosity and imagination.

No coaching, no marks, no weekly tests, no fear of failure, no trauma, no burnout. We teach and mentor your child in the joy of exploring while learning.

Who are we?

Jed-i has been engaged with Engineering Education over the last five years. And more than 5000 students have benefited from it. While at it, we realised that students should be exposed to Problem Solving and Critical Thinking at an earlier age. Hence, Jed-i Explore.

Jed-i was co-founded by Dr. V Vinay, former professor of Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Science. Vinay co-invented the Simputer and was awarded the 1st Dewang Mehta Award for Excellence in Information Technology. Vinay has also been a recipient of the C. V. Raman Award by the Karnataka Government. He is actively involved with the Indian National Olympiad in Informatics. He has been a past president of the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science. He believes Indian children need a place to nurture their creativity.

No.139, 3rd floor, Century Quadra,
8th Main Road (above Nilgiris supermarket),
Phone: +91 96867 00188
Mail: explore@jed-i.in

Students from a variety of schools are taking part in Explore. Here is a partial list.